Omega 690 is our flagship product. It is renowned across the world for its performance characteristics and special properties. Many of our customers keep it in a gearbox for over 20 years without change, and we offer regular oil checks as standard.



OMEGA 690 is a revolutionary CTA (Compensatory Thermostat Action) gear oil that surpasses the API GL-5 AND GL-6 requirements. In general, even the best ordinary gear oils can barely attain the GL-4 (or at the very best GL-5) requirements, and very rarely can oils meet API GL-6 requirement. Notes on API GL-6: Inactive since testing equipment is no longer available. The designation API GL-6 denotes lubricants intended for gears designed with a very high pinion offset. Such designs typically require protection from gear scoring in excess of that provided by API GL-5 gear oils.

OMEGA 690 Super EP Gear Oil