Transtrak JD is a modern Universal Tractor Transmission Oil for transmissions, hydraulics, final drives and wet brake systems. The very latest agricultural machinery in the modern intensive farming environment needs the protection of a high quality lubricant. Multi-purpose oils are a good compromise but many manufacturers have realised the benefits of using lubricants specifically designed for a given application.

Transtrak JD is blended from carefully selected mineral oils and the very latest in additive technology to produce a specialised lubricant to meet the latest and most severe transmission requirements. It meets the demands of most agricultural transmission specifications and greatly reduces wet brakes noise and chatter. It offers outstanding anti wear performance under the most severe conditions.                          BENEFITS

Outstanding anti-wear protection

Meets the very latest OEM requirements

Helps reduce wet brake noise and chatter

Excellent low temperature properties

Performance Specification:

John Deere                             J20C, J20A

Massey Ferguson                   M1135  M1141  M1143  M1145

New Holland                         NH 420A, NH 410B

Case                                        MAT 3525, MS 1206, MS 1210  

Volvo                                      WB101, 97303

Ford                                        ESN- M2C134-D,  M2C86-B

ZF                                           TE-ML 03E  05F  06K  17E

Kubota                                    UDT Fluid

Allison                                      C-4

Caterpillar                              TO-2

API                                         GL-4

                                                                                                                                      TYPICAL TEST  DATA

Specific Gravity @ 15.6 oC                                        0.883.

Kinematic Viscosity @ 100 oC(cSt)                          9.70

Kinematic Viscosity @ 40 oC.(cSt)                           61.9

Viscosity Index                                                           141

Flash Point COC (oC)                                                 224

Pour Point (oC)                                                           -38

Colour                                                                         Amber

Appearance                                                                 Clear & Bright           


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TRANSTRAK JD Transmission Oil